Work With Us to Develop a Treatment Plan

Work With Us to Develop a Treatment Plan

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Are you ready to start your journey toward wellness? Make an appointment with Roquemore Chiropractic Clinic in Torrance, CA today. Our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Roquemore, is trained to deal with a variety of injuries and can work on any part of your body. He can also perform treatments on all ages.

Not sure what to expect when you visit? Dr. Roquemore will first talk with you to get a thorough medical history. You’ll discuss the problems and pain you’ve been experiencing with him, and then Dr. Roquemore will perform an examination to determine exactly what’s causing your issues. Last but not least, he’ll formulate a personal plan for your treatment.

If you’re ready to start working on your personalized treatment plan, reach out to us today to start the process.

Types of treatment

Some of the ongoing treatments Dr. Roquemore may perform to heal and strengthen your problem areas include:

  • Electric muscle stimulation: relaxes and prepares your muscles and joints for adjustments
  • Intersegmental traction unit: loosens your spine to prepare it for adjustments
  • Ultrasound: decreases manipulation and prepares your joints for manipulations

Dr. Roquemore may use a combination of the treatments above to heal your specific issue. He’ll also incorporate natural treatments, cervical collars, lumbar spine supports and nutrition counseling.

Call us today to discuss your pain and movement issues.